Employee Benefits

It is imperative for a small business to compete for the best talent. One of the many ways to appeal to the upper end of the talent pool is by offering a wide range of employee benefits. In today’s business world, employees do expect certain benefits to exist at their next place of employment including health insurance and a retirement plan.

This can get tricky, especially in a mobile, work-from-home market. What do we do to make sure the employee’s portion of health insurance premiums is tax deductible? What if employees are in multiple states? How much is the employer match for retirement plans?

Foxman Asset Advisors and their partners help you answer all of your questions and more. These are the benefits you should consider for your employees:

- Section 125 Plan for medical and childcare reimbursement
- Health savings accounts
- Dental and vision coverage
- Disability insurance, long- and short-term
- Life Insurance
- Transportation and parking benefits

Our advisors and partners will help you put these benefits together and build it into your customized employee manuals.